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Studio apartments can be a great way to have space for living without spending a fortune purchasing a home. But the problem with these studio apartments is that they don't typically provide the extra space needed to display decorative items. Because of this problem of limited space, every item you place in a studio apartment has the task of conducting a double-duty.  888-400-6977


A single piece

This means that you would have to use a single piece of furniture for dual purposes, which can become very challenging. You will have to purchase furnishing items and take into consideration all of their usage possibilities. But if you find this arrangement intimidating, you can choose the option of using small furnishing items and custom Built Ins to show off those things that you wish to display.


Will suit you

Do not get built in furniture that would prove to be redundant. Instead, get items that will suit you and your lifestyle. Since furniture that is built in is customized, you can enjoy the pleasure of building it according to your requirements. You can plan them in such a fashion that they would not just add to the appeal of the place but would also prove to be of great help as well.

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Built Ins in Fairfield, NC

Decorate Custom Built with Built Ins Guys in Fairfield, NC

Utilize higher built in shelves in order to display photos, lamps, houseplants, vases and other decorative items. Keeping these items at a safe distance would assure their safety and would also keep them in sight thereby allowing them to enhance the look of the place where they are kept. If you feel that a higher furniture that is built in would be out of reach, you should choose the option of moderately placed custom furniture. They can be of different shapes and sizes; the large built in furniture units can be used to store stereos, decorative plate, vases, etc.

Built Ins Guys in Fairfield, NC will Decorate Custom Built

Also place decorative baskets on the built in tables as they would meet your storage requirements and at the same time bring in great quotients of appeal to the table. Use the containers to store smaller items such as fruit, chargers, papers and books- you can store anything and everything in these baskets and have them at your disposal for easy access.

Decorate Custom Built

Built Ins Guys in Fairfield, NC knows custom built in furniture can be highly appealing and can also meet the requirements of your studio apartment. But the problem is that they are often designed and ordered by amateur home owners who do not possess much understanding about these furnishing items. So, consider hiring an interior designer who can plan your furnishing items for your apartment and place them efficiently. From the materials to the finish of the furniture, all can be planned according to your requirements. Though hiring a designer would cost you quite a lot, the service that they offer is worth the expense. Moreover, you can compromise on some areas, e.g. get semi customized items instead of customized ones in order to hire the services of a designer.

If you have a small living space, Built Ins can be the best investment you can make in your home improvement. It is a great way to not only store everything that is important to you but is also a great way to display those decorative items that mean so much. Make your house a home with built in furniture crafted to your exact requirements for the home you only dream about. Now it can be reality. 888-400-6977

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